Tuesday, October 9, 2012

How To Process Pumpkin Goodness

Yesterday I made another trip to the produce auction.  I returned with four wart pumpkins to replace the pie pumpkins I'd been using for decorations.  The wart pumpkins are cooler looking and my entire family has been asking for pumpkin cookies so the pie pumpkins needed to be used for a higher purpose.
This morning I got started with processing the pie pumpkins.  Honestly, preparing pumpkin is almost as easy as opening a can of pumpkin.  To make your own pumpkin for pies and cookies you begin by washing the outside of the pumpkins.  Set your oven to 350.  Break the stems off the pumpkins then slice through from top to bottom. 

If you like you can scrape out the seeds before you bake the pumpkins or you can bake first then scoop out the seeds when the pumpkin is soft.  I use my seeds later so I scrape them out before I cook. 
Place the pumpkins, cut side down in a baking dish.  

 Bake for about an hour, until the pumpkin is soft to a fork.  As they bake the pumpkins will get softer and darker in color.  Aren't they beautiful?
Let the pumpkins cool for about ten minutes then scoop out the insides.  Really if they are done enough, the shell of the pumpkin will peel right off. 
 Look at all the pumpkin goodness that came from four small pie pumpkins.  I froze 11 cups of pumpkin, used two cups to make cookies and put three cups of pumpkin in the refrigerator where it will be transformed into a pie before the weekend.
This is Trixie.  She's waiting for something besides pumpkin seeds to hit the floor.  Don't worry about her.  I processed chickens today too so she got plenty of delicious treats.

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