Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Can I Do It?

If you have been following my family blog you'll know that had an unfortunate beginning to my most recent canning project.  You can catch up here if you are interested.  As a result of my jalapeno happenings, I put the jalapenos away for a few days.  Honestly, I was more than wary of what was going to happen as I pureed and cooked the infamous peppers.

Yesterday morning I summoned the courage to complete my pepper jelly.  I used an easy recipe from the Ball cookbook.

 I had no problem with blending a cup and a half of peppers and a cup of apple cider vinegar in my blender.  There were just enough flecks of color from the red and green jalapenos to make it look pretty.
Here is were things got spicy.  In my pot I mixed another cup of apple cider vinegar, six cups of sugar and the puree from the blender.  I boiled for 10 minutes then added two packages of liquid pectin.  Everyone agreed that the whole house felt spicy for a few hours but it wasn't unbearable.

My hot jars were waiting to be filled.  If I do this again I will use smaller jars.  This time I used what I had on hand.

I'm hoping that the pepper jelly is as tasty as it is pretty.  We haven't tasted the jelly yet because it's still resting but plan to enjoy it tonight at dinner.

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  1. The pepper jelly was a huge hit. It looked and tasted like pepper jelly I've purchased from upscale stores. I am really pleased with my results.