Monday, October 15, 2012

Fall Farm Happenings

I just wanted to update a few things that have happened on the farm this fall.

We completed our chicken harvest on Friday, October 12.  Our system of butchering the chickens worked fine.  Rob says he'll fine tune it before next year.  I expect that our chicken feeding and growing operation will be much better next year.  By the end of this season, our tractors are falling apart.  After two years of growing chickens we have much better ideas of what we need and what will work and what needs adjusted.  Once we recover from the harvest I'm sure we'll have some planning and preparation to do.  I do have pictures of the harvest that I'll post later.

Rob finished brush hogging the back pasture and moved the electric fence for the cattle.  Calling two cows cattle seems a little pretentious but I suppose they do qualify as cattle.  We hope by next spring we'll have more permanent fencing for at least some of the pasture.

Several of our older laying hens are molting.  None of our pullets have started laying yet.  I am keeping a sharp eye out for pullet eggs because they should be laying anytime.

One of our turkeys died today.  I really have no idea why.  She's been looking a little off for several days but she seemed to be eating and drinking.  That takes us down to four turkeys. 

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