Sunday, June 26, 2011

With a Peep Peep Here and a Peep Peep There

Our four survivors

Our farm is now home to 104 chickens.  We had our four survivors.  You can read more about our first chicken experience here.  On Thurday morning, we received the much anticipated call from the post office.  Our day old chicks had arrived and were making quite a racket.  Could we pick them up, please?

Boxes o'chicks
We arrived before the post office opened and waited patiently to be the first customers of the day.  The man at the post office commented that he'd never had any box o'chicks that were as noisy as ours.  We hoped that meant that they were healthy and eager to enjoy their new lives on our farm.

Our brooder seems to be working perfectly for the new tennants.  Six weeks in it before we move them to chicken tractors and then six to eight weeks before we harvest them.  It seems hard to believe that we'll be eating these cute little guys in the winter.  I suppose it will be easier as they lose the cute factor and move into chickenhood.

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