Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Farmers or Mowers

One thing we've learned about the farm this spring is that we are either waiting or scrambling.  Some things move at a set pace.  Feeding chickens is routine.  It happens several times a day and isn't determined by weather.  I suppose there are other jobs like that and we'll find them soon enough. 

So many of the spring time jobs are weather related.  The farmers in our area have been waiting for the rains to stop and every time the water lets up, even a little, they are scrambling to catch up.  We had a really wet spring and most fields didn't get planted until the third week of May. 

The weather didn't affect us quite as much as the farmers but it did keep us from getting started on the pasture as soon as we had expected.  Rob bought a brush hog for the tractor and has been spending most of his spare time mowing down the years of growth in the pasture behind the barn.

The yard is also extensive.  The previous owners must have mowed around seven acres.  A ridiculous amount of grass to manage if you have any intention of a life beyond mowing.  Several times I've asked Rob if our purpose here is to be farmers or to be mowers. Our intention is to be farmers but right now it seems like we spend a lot of time mowing.

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