Friday, March 25, 2011

Of Piranhas and Pigs

When we bought the farm we talked about a variety of animal possibilities.  We've discussed, in no particular order and with varying degrees of seriousness, llamas, alpacas, bees, chickens, turkeys, horses, cows, dairy and meat, goats, also dairy and meat, deer, pheasants, beefalo, buffalo, sheep, ducks, geese, donkeys, emu, worms, peacocks, and rabbits.

Even before we moved we had two children, S8 and H11, campaigning for pets.  S8 wanted a piranha.  A red bellied piranha to be exact.  And he wanted it for his 9th birthday.  In February.  H was no better.  Her dream pet was a potbelly pig.  Preferrably a minature.  She really wanted it for Christmas, but like her brother she understood the wisdom of not pushing her parents too far and getting a permanent no.  It's better to lose the battle and win the war.  And they both did.

In February, our farm got it's first animal;  Rex, the red bellied piranha.  Last weekend we added our second animal; Paxton, the minature potbelly pig. 

I'm thinking we might be the only farm in the state that can boast both animals.  It's good to be unique.

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