Tuesday, March 15, 2011

The Farm Dream

Our farm dream began, as so many dreams do, with a fuzzy idea of a perfect life and an idle conversation.  We are always up for an adventure and in the spring and summer of 2010, we began exploring another life change.  Extended travel was taking a toll on our family life and something had to change.  Australia, Brazil and Amsterdam are all exotic and wonderful unless you are the spouse left at home to manage daily life with four children. 

The talks began and ideas were tossed about.  I was voting for a house near the beach somewhere in the southern U.S..  He had pictures of barns and fields dancing in his head.  When the job offers came from the middle of the country my beach dream became a distant memory and his farm dream came into focus.  The dream was aided by the fact that we were familiar with the area where we were relocating and we knew that a rural locale was our best choice.  We also had some very clear ideas about the school districts we preferred. 

In September 2010 the hunt for a farm began.  There are several posts on my family blog that detail our decision making and farm search:  A Step Back?, some highlights of farms we didn't buy, Bearing Witness to Blessing, Buying the Farm.

Our dream continues as we prepare to actually do something with our farm.  We are thrilled to share our dream with you.

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