Friday, August 24, 2012

August Down on the Farm

This month has been a busy one on the farm.  The chickens, turkeys and cows are growing. Thankfully they do that without much help.

The chicken tractor served the growing turkeys well for awhile but was only a temporary fix.  Rob started building a new turkey house when he was interrupted by open-heart surgery.  The job was finished by K15 and her boyfriend.  The turkeys love their new home.

The garden is almost totally overgrown.  All was well until we took a week (maybe a week and a half) off weeding for our trip to Idaho.  When we returned all farm work was put on hold by an unscheduled trip to the hospital.  (That pesky open-heart surgery, again.)  By the time I was home and had time to think about anything other than Rob, the garden was a hot mess.  I figured it just reflected the gardener.  We are still picking things out of it but any resemblance to a real garden is lost for this year.  Maybe next year will yield better results.

To be honest, I have no idea how my bees are.  I haven't so much as strolled in their direction in the last month.  There will probably be no honey this year. 

I keep reminding myself that priorities change and that I can't always accomplish everything I set out to do.  Changing priorities and refocusing doesn't mean failure it means success redefined.

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