Thursday, September 29, 2011

Houdini Cow: Contained at Last

Last weekend we put up an electric fence in an effort to contain the cow.  We were both amazed at how easy it was to set up the electric fence.  Due to the ease of installation we really didn't expect the fence to work.  There was no way that something so simple could be effective.  As predicted, the cow blew right through the single strand without blinking an eye.  We weren't surprised and were glad that we had more wire.  We quickly added a second strand of wire to the electric fence.  The second strand caused him to slow down and protest the first time he came in contact with the new fence.  After an afternoon of fence training and two escapes, he seems resigned to life inside the fence.  This was a better result than we've had training any dog we've ever had.  

Throughout the week, T-Bone even seemed to be enjoying his new found, if limited, freedom.  He moved around the yard, into and out of the barn.  Every now and then, I've had to look for him only to find him laying under a tree or grazing in the back of his field.  What a relief it's been to have the cow where he belongs rather than standing on the front porch.  It's been almost a week with no wandering cow.

I wonder what will keep things exciting around here now.

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