Thursday, August 4, 2011

Things the Farm Has Brought

Of course, moving to the farm has brought the obvious.  More outdoor space.  Thirty-seven acres.  A different house.  Longer driving distances.  New stores, streets, church, neighbors, life. 

The farm has also brought new opportunities.  Over the last six months there have been abundant opportunities to learn and opportunities to try new things.  Beside all those things there are small changes that the farm has brought.

I'm stronger.  A few months ago lifting five gallons of water and carrying it across the yard wouldn't have been possible.  Now, I do it daily.  I can also lift 50 lb bags of feed by myself.  I can't do much with them but I can lift them and move them.

I'm more determined.  I follow through on things in a way that just a few short months ago would have seemed demented.  Now it's just part of the daily routine.  If the cow gets out, it must be caught and put away.  There's no other option and the level of determination that it requires is something I never knew I had.  Just because something is hard doesn't mean I don't do it. It just means that it takes more time and effort. 

I have longer vision.  As a business owner, I know about setting goals and planning.  Up to this time my goals have been more immediate and achieving them required skills I already possess.  Now my goals are long term, years and years long.  We are planning for a future on this ground.  The skills that I will need to achieve these goals are skills that I don't have yet.  The learning curve is steep.  It's a good thing I have lots and lots of time. 

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