Sunday, July 17, 2011

Possibilities: Vineyard and Winery

Our intention yesterday was to scope out a nearby farmers market and visit a local winery.  We made it to the sight of the market but no one was there.  I'm not sure when it's opened and we couldn't find hours posted so I'll have to do research on that.  It's not very encouraging to live in farm country and not have a certain, central location to buy all the produce that we can see growing as we drive around the area. 

We had better luck at the winery.  Wine Tree Vineyards in Vienna, WV provided us some delicious wine to bring home and new information to consider.  The tasting room at the winery is housed in the front of a restored farm house.  Upon pulling up to Wine Tree only the signs let you know you aren't in someone's fron yard.  Thankfully, the signs are clear and welcoming.  We had no trouble making our way to the front porch and into the tasting room. 

The vineyard at Wine Tree produces quite a few varieties of grapes on seven acres of mountain top land.  In West Virginia, law requires that the vineyard products 25% of it's own grapes.  The other grapes can be purchased off site with a preference given to West Virginia grapes.  In this area, there are no other vineyards so Wine Tree Vineyards purchase their grapes from Pennsylvania.  While we hadn't worn the right shoes to hike up the the vineyards we do plan to make another trip to see those. 

The wine at Wine Tree was as pleasant at the hosts.  We split the tasting duties.  Rob sampled the reds while I tried the whites.  We were both pleasantly surprised to find the winery had a number of drier wines.  Our experience with local wineries was that they lean toward the sweet or fruity which neither of us care for.  Wine Tree has two wines that are award winning on a national level.  Both were excellent.  We left the winery with a couple bottles of each plus a few to drink now. 

Our vineyard dream is still under construction.  This fall and winter will provide us time to learn more.  In the spring we'll plant our first vines.  After that, maybe Wine Tree will be buying their grapes from us.  We also realized that turning our front two rooms into a farm store or destination is a definite possibility.  It gives us lots to mull over as we enjoy a glass of Wine Tree wine on our farm.

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